Crimson Rada is a creative effort founded by artist and author Christopher Pilie'

The effort was developed while working to stretch the boundaries of visual art and literary art by combining the two.

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Crimson Rada

What does all of this mean?

Think about the question for a moment. “What does all of this mean?” The creative endeavor has always been about the journey and not the destination for me. It often seems like the painting or the book is the destination and the act of putting paint to canvas and putting words to paper has been the journey. It is more complicated than that for me as someone that finds it a neccessity to create things. The destination is not a completed painting or a published book. It is rather collecting all of those destinations in one place in a type of mosaic of creation used to try and scrape together an answer to the question, “What does all of this mean?”

Some of you that have clicked the link above are asking this question about Crimson Rada trying to understand what this effort that I have put together it is all about. Broaden the scope of that question and know that I am looking for the answer to the broader question too. It is meaning for everything that we are searching for until the day we die. I hope that one day I can tell you a sliver of the answer. Just know that I am humble enough that I do not try and define the destination that is Crimson Rada. I take each individual creative effort as a stepping stone on this long journey with the hope of being able to get a glimpse of the answer to the question – “What does all of this mean?” - Christopher Pilie'

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