The Studio

1 years ago | posted: 5/17/23 9:32 AM

The studio is the place where creativity meets curiosity. If you were to go into my studio at any given time, you will see what appears to be a little bit of chaos. There are archives of my artwork, items that I have collected over the years, a growing record collection, comics, books, some of my mother's models for still life paintings, a bourbon collection, slivers of material reminders of memories, and a place for me to be creative and write.


When inspiration strikes, there is a creative dash for the finish line. Sometimes that dash stalls and other creative endeavors take a new precedence. This is what will create the appearance of chaos. The nature of creativity is taking a mash up of chaotic ideas and to create order in them by putting them into a painting or book. The better the connection between the ideas, the better the piece of work.


The studio is often a place where ideas or a collection of ideas go to die. They often sit idle as a reminder of what ideas didn't work. It is interesting to scroll through them and to be humbled by them. I also am blessed to have a collection of unfinished work in my studio that sits a connection to process my mother implemented when painting. The goal of this forum is to give you the visitor a peak behind the scenes of what it is that I am working on. Hope you enjoy.

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