Christopher Pilie' is a creator of both visual and written work.

Visual - Being inspired by the natural shapes in nature, Pilie' has worked to incorporate these shapes in his compositions.

Written - As someone who has as desire to understand life through the lense of historical people and events, Pilie's novels include philisophical and social themes through the lense of historical periods and events.

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Christopher Pilie'

Who is he?

A Portrait of Artistry and Ingenuity

Born into the vibrant tapestry of New Orleans, Christopher Pilie’ hails from a lineage steeped in the rich cultural traditions of the South. From a young age, Pilie’ was a whirlwind of creativity, delving into the realms of poetry and prose with a fervor that echoed the spirited essence of his hometown. His boundless energy, although challenging to channel during his youth, gave birth to a unique worldview that would later find expression on both canvas and paper.

Pilie’s journey took a pragmatic turn as he entered the industrial heartbeat of Southern Louisiana. Amidst the steel giants of refineries and chemical plants along the Mississippi River, he began as a laborer in the early 1990s. With tenacity and grit, Pilie’ carved a path through trade school, emerging as a project specialist. In the roles of a scheduler, cost engineer, and Project Manager, he wove his creative acumen into the fabric of engineering, propelling himself to new heights within the industry.

Despite a fulfilling career amidst the camaraderie of the working-class, Pilie’s soul remained intertwined with the arts. Over twenty years, the narratives in his mind evolved, urging him to breathe life into them. Battling insomnia, he harnessed the quiet of the night to craft ambitious art pieces, ranging from acrylic and oil paintings to ink monotype prints.


Amidst his artistic endeavors, Pilie’ embarked on a literary journey, creating a compelling series of books under the Crimson Rada banner, set against the tumultuous backdrop of the late 18th century. His debut novel, "Sugar," weaves a tale of the Rossignol Family’s flight from the throes of revolution in Saint-Domingue in 1791, shadowed by the grim realities of colonial slave culture.

Pilie’s aspiration extends beyond the canvas and the page; he seeks to forge connections across the spectrum of humanity, bringing to light the intricate social fabric we navigate, with all its subtleties and shades. Through his art and writing, Pilie’ strives to spark a dialogue of introspection and empathy, offering a reflective lens on the shared struggles of the human experience.

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