New Orleans

1 years ago | posted: 05-17-2023 12:00 AM

New Orleans has been called home most of my life. It is a place with so much history, art, and culture to explore. My family has a long history here that creates roots for me to connect through. There is also this might river called the Mississippi that plows its way through the center of it creating a rich highway that really gives the city and its surrounding areas an identity.


Much of my life I have explored all areas up and down the river and it is something that always brings me direction both literally and figuratively. That direction is often skewed which really provides the city charm. It is only in New Orleans that you can stand in one place and say that the river is to the east, the south, and the west of you. You can also be on the North side of the river and be located on the East Bank and be on the south side of the river and be located on the West Bank. This is the nature of the cultural identity in the Crescent City and its surrounding areas that we proudly call New Orleans.


This forum will be a place to share many adventures experienced around the New Orleans area.

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