Top 20 Albums #19: Operation Mindcrime

Queensryche's epic concept album "Operation Mindcrime" is often called a "Rock Opera" and fair enough. Lead singer Geoff Tate can be considered one of the best rock singers of the 1980's and arguably one of the best of a..

June 14, 2023 538 1
Top 20 Albums #20: Deadwing

* There are certain criteria for the picking of my top 20 albums if all time and they are listed in the link here. I originally stumbled across Porcupine Tree while searching for new music to occupy my time during long e..

June 11, 2023 535 1
Favorite Music and Top Twenty

There are so many top ten or top twenty music countdowns or music analysis channels on the internet. I love them. There are also reaction videos by individuals on YouTube that are also amusing as people listen to albums ..

June 11, 2023 374 1
Live Concert: Seal

When growing up in the 90's there was a lot of exciting experiences coming out of the music industry. In my teens I gravitated mostly towards grunge and metal music. Of course, the metal I was interested in was what had ..

May 14, 2023 460 1

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