Patricia Pilie

11 months ago | posted: 05-10-2023 9:00 PM

On December 16, 2007 Patricia Pilie’, my mother, left this earth and it was then that I began to really know who Patricia was. This idea is a complicated thing to explain. The best way to explain this is that she was still discovering who she was until the day she died. After that, I really began to discover who Patricia was. Until the day of her passing, she was my mother. After that she became Patricia Pilie’ to me or otherwise known most affectionately by her friends and family. – Patti.


This doesn’t mean that I do not still consider her as my mother. It means I began to see her as two different people. There was the mother who took care of me and was imperfect. We had a contentious relationship at times but there is no doubt she was the best mother a young boy could have. Then there was the person that people told me she was after she passed. She seemed perfect in her own often humorously clumsy but grace-filled personality. It is interesting how in many aspects that this person seems different from the mother I knew. This is really what has made her special. I think that people that have lost a loved one experience a similar thing.  


The intention of this forum is to document, share, and celebrate the person Patricia Pilie – Patti - while trying to make the connection between her and my mother. Join me in sharing stories and expressing your thoughts on Patti while I introduce you to my mother.


Angie Enriquez

10 months ago | 5/28/23 7:46 AM

Many people use the phrase “she lit up a room”, but she truly did. She had an energy about her that I can’t explain. Chris you explained it perfectly…she was hilarious, but she had grace and class. She was a great storyteller. Especially when it was once of her Patti-isms. It didn’t matter how funny it was, her delivery had you cracking up. She was a great cook! I clearly remember the way the house smelled on “Bridge Night”. I can hear the onions sizzling in her tomato paste. She was a great mom. She worried more than most about her kids. So much that it made her sick. It was a strong love, that was hard to understand as her child. Now that I’m a mother, I get it. I wish I woukd have been more appreciative of her. I wish she could see us today, Chris. She’d be so proud of how successful in life we’ve become. We took the hard road, but we got here. Love you. #Patti

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