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Melissa Doi, 9-1-1[edit]

Melissa C. Doi was a graduate of Northwestern University, and despite aspirations to become a ballerina, she worked as a manager at IQ Financial Systems, and phoned 9-1-1 from the 83rd floor of Tower 2.

Melissa Doi

(muttering to herself in distressed state) Holy Mary mother of God!
NYPD Dispatcher 86958695, good morning, unintelligible good day
unidentifiedHi, what's your number again please?
911 Dispatcher 86958-6-9-5
Melissa DoiOh god, I'm on the 83rd floor...
Melissa DoiI'm on the 83rd floor!
unidentifiedMa'am, stop that, 86-what?
911 Dispatcher 86958-6-9-5
unidentifiedunintelligible...somebody's having difficulty breathing on the 83rd floor.
911 Dispatcher 8695Hi there ma'am, how're you doing?
Melissa DoiIs it...is it...are they going to be able to get somebody up here?
911 Dispatcher 8695Well of course ma'am, we're coming up to you.
Melissa DoiWell, there's no one here yet, and the floor's completely engulfed. We're on the floor and we can't breathe.
911 Dispatcher 8695unintelligible
Melissa DoiAnd it's very, very, very hot.
911 Dispatcher 8695It's very...are the lights still on?
Melissa DoiThe lights are on, but it's very hot.
911 Dispatcher 8695Ma'am, now m'am...
Melissa DoiVERY hot! We're all on the other side of Liberty, and it's very, very hot.
911 Dispatcher 8695Well the lights, can you turn the lights off?

Melissa Doi

No, no the lights are off.
911 Dispatcher 8695Okay good, now everybody stay calm, you'd doing a good job...
Melissa DoiPlease!
911 Dispatcher 8695Ma'am listen, everybody's coming, everybody knows, everybody knows what happened, okay...they have to take time to come up there, you know that. You got to be very careful.
Melissa Doivery hot
911 Dispatcher 8695I understand. You've got to be very, very careful... how they approach you, okay? Now you stay calm. How many people where you're at right now?
Melissa DoiThere's like, five people here with me.
911 Dispatcher 8695All up on 83rd floor?
Melissa Doi83rd floor
911 Dispatcher 8695with five people...five patients... everybody's having trouble breathing?
Melissa DoiEverybody's having trouble breathing, some people are worse...than others.
911 Dispatcher 8695Anybody's unconscious, everybody's awake?
Melissa DoiSo far yes, but it's...
911 Dispatcher 8695Listen, listen, everybody's awake?
Melissa DoiYes, so far.
911 Dispatcher 8695Conscious? And it's very hot there, but no fire, right?
Melissa DoiI can't see because it's too high.
911 Dispatcher 8695No, no, very hot, no fire for now, and no smoke right? no smoke, right?
911 Dispatcher 8695Ma'am, ma'am, you have to stay calm.
Melissa DoiThere is smoke! I can't breathe!
911 Dispatcher 8695Okay, stay calm with me, okay? I understand...
Melissa DoiI think there is fire because it's very hot.
911 Dispatcher 8695Okay, it's...
Melissa DoiIt's very hot, everywhere on the floor.
911 Dispatcher 8695Okay, I know you don't see it and all, but I'm, I'm...stumbles over words...I'm gonna, I'm documenting everything you say, okay? And it's very hot, you see no fire, but you see smoke, right?
Melissa DoiIt's very hot, I see...I don't see, I don't see any air anymore!
911 Dispatcher 8695Okay...
Melissa DoiAll I see is smoke.
911 Dispatcher 8695Okay dear, I'm so sorry, hold on for a sec, stay calm with me, stay calm, listen, listen, the call is in, I'm documenting, hold on one second please...
Melissa DoiI'm going to die, aren't I?
911 Dispatcher 8695No, no, no, no, no, no, no, say your, ma'am, say your prayers.
Melissa DoiI'm going to die.
911 Dispatcher 8695You gotta think positive, because you gotta help each other get off the floor.
Melissa DoiI'm going to die.
911 Dispatcher 8695Now look, stay calm, stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.
Melissa DoiPlease God...
911 Dispatcher 8695You're doing a good job ma'am, you're doing a good job.
Melissa DoiNo, it's so hot, I'm burning up.
911 Dispatcher 8695Okay ma'am, the floor is hot, everything is hot, is there, are there, are there desks there? You go up high, you get yourself away from the smoke.[2] Okay, I know you know, hold on a second.
911 Dispatcher 8695(into radio83rd floor, three people trapped[3]
unidentified(into radioWhere?
911 Dispatcher 8695(into radioWay out on the 83rd floor, they're trapped, very hot...that's what I'm doing, just letting you know.
Melissa Doi(excited interrupting) Wait! Wait! We hear voices! (screaming to firefightersHELLO! HELP!
911 Dispatcher 8695Hello, ma'am? Ma'am?
Melissa Doi(screaming to firefightersHEEEEELP
911 Dispatcher 8695Okay, stay calm, ma'am, ma'am.
Melissa Doi(screaming to firefightersHEEEEELP
911 Dispatcher 8695Stay calm, stay calm, just don't move.
Melissa DoiOh my god...
911 Dispatcher 8695They coming through to you now?
Melissa DoiFind out if there's anybody here on the 83rd floor.
911 Dispatcher 8695Ma'am, don't you worry, you stay on the phone with me and we'll...
Melissa DoiCan you find out if there's anybody on the 83rd floor, because we thought we heard somebody!
911 Dispatcher 8695Ma'am, now listen, excuse me, I already notified the lieutenant, okay?
unidentifiedgarbled radio traffic
911 Dispatcher 8695I already notified the lieutenant that there's five people on the 83rd floor, very hot and smoky, so they won't overlook you, okay dear?
Melissa DoiCan you...can you...
911 Dispatcher 8695I already did that dear.
Melissa DoiStay on the line with me please, I feel like I'm dying.
911 Dispatcher 8695Yes ma'am, I am going to stay with you.
Melissa DoiThey're here?
911 Dispatcher 8695Are they inside with you yet dear?
Melissa DoiNo
911 Dispatcher 8695Okay, stay calm until they get inside.
Melissa DoiCan you find out where they are?
911 Dispatcher 8695Okay, stay calm, stay calm, stay calm until they get inside.
Melissa DoiCan...(voice stops)
unidentifiedradio traffic between Dispatcher 8695 and an unknown

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