Orleans Alley South

1 years ago | posted: 05-09-2023 8:00 PM

"Are you still looking to uproot and move to New Orleans?" Christophe asked as he turned and stared through Louis.

"I know you very well Christophe. Of all the questions I'd thought you would ask as the first comments to me at my son's wedding, this is the one expected," Louis said as he smirked with a rare glimpse of humor.

A servant walked over to offer Christophe a glass of champagne but he refused as he was a teetotaler. He looked to Louis with a serious composure as Louis thought about the appropriate answer.

"Saint Domingue is my new homeland but it has become tainted with the blood of the innocent. The decree to provide free negros rights is a good gesture but the nature at which it was delivered and provided will surely create bloodshed. As delivered, it was highly irresponsible and will only create disorder here. Only a saboteur could have done such an irresponsible act," Louis said as he leaned in, looked around the room, and continued.

"Some day, and most likely someday soon, the blood will spill upon the floors of my home. Christophe, I do not want that. I care for my family but that family extends beyond blood. My hope is that the blood of my family is not spilled by the revolution that is soon to come to the sons of Saint Domingue," Louis said staring back.

-- From the new novel "Sugar" by Christopher Pilie'

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